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Frequently Asked Questions


Greenwich Get Active is a borough-wide programme to help you be more active and feel better. Most likely you already know that being active is good for your health and wellbeing. For many reasons, getting started or keeping going can be difficult - our aim is to help you.

Greenwich Get Active can connect you with a wide range of free and affordable activities happening nearby. From swimming sessions to salsa classes, there’s sure to be something that suits you.

Our dedicated team are on hand to give you any help, support and encouragement you need along the way.


Greenwich Get Active is open to any adult (16+) who is a resident of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Children (defined as under 16) are encouraged to use the website but telephone support cannot be provided for this age group. Children receive incentives/vouchers via their parents/guardian, but currently only their parent/guardian can sign up online.

We’re happy to offer advice on activity opportunities in Greenwich to anyone who wants to talk to us – for example, you might live just outside the Borough but come here for various amenities already, or you might live outside the Borough but work here and want to incorporate activity during your working day (e.g. lunchtime walks, swimming before work, gym after work etc.).

However, non-residents will not be able to receive an incentive, such as a “First Session Free” voucher or walking/cycling incentive.

If you would prefer to try out a new activity with a friend, we can issue two “First Session Free” vouchers, where they are available.

Being physically active

We all do!  Physical activity is vital for good health, but research shows that most of us don’t get enough.

Regular activity, which gets the heart pumping a little harder, can help us look and feel good, as well as improving our fitness. It can:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • control weight
  • improve mental wellbeing and
  • help protect us from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Above all, it can be a great way to have fun, socialise, and help reduce the stresses of daily life. What’s good for parents is also good for their children.  As you get older, being physically active can help keep you mobile.

It doesn’t take much to keep well and feel better.

Any extra activity is good for people but being moderately active on most days, building up to 150 minutes or more a week, is recommended.  Remember also, that even small sessions such as 10 minutes of activity counts. This doesn’t need to be done straight away - it’s a target that can be worked towards.  Even small changes will make a difference.

Moderate activity is different for everyone depending on personal fitness levels.  It’s about how you feel when you are being active.

You are doing moderate activity when:

  • you are able to talk but notice that their breathing is quicker and deeper
  • your body is warming up
  • your face may have a healthy glow, and
  • your heart will be beating faster than normal but not racing.

As you get fitter, you will find that activities become easier.

Activities and support

Being active doesn’t have to mean a gym workout or competitive sport. Greenwich has great outdoor spaces, leisure facilities and lots of different clubs, so there’s plenty to have a go at. Walking, dancing, swimming, jogging, keep fit, football, cycling, active travel (getting around under your own steam), family playtime in the park and exercising at home are just a few examples. You can find an activity to suit you from the Activities directory or by calling us on 0800 096 5436.

The Greenwich Get Active advisors are here to help you find activities, try them out and keep going. The team will handle (directly, via the website and telephone) information enquiries, offer encouragement; and give ongoing advice and support where necessary.

Just a total of 30 minutes most days of the week could make a real difference to your health.  Remember bouts of 10 minutes counts. Building it into your daily routine like travelling to work or school is one way.

Exercise can actually help you relax by relieving stress, and this makes you feel good.  It can also boost your energy and make you feel less tired.  You’ll probably find that you’ll sleep better too!

You don’t have to be sporty to be physically active!

Activities such as walking, gardening, housework and dancing can be just as good for you as jogging, football or working out at a gym.

Try a variety of activities and choose ones that are good fun and sociable. Options like line dancing, walking clubs or five-a-side football are great ways to meet people, be active and have fun.

Linking your physical activity to something you enjoy will mean it doesn’t feel boring!

It’s never too late to start being more physically active.  Exercise can help you stay healthy, active, mobile and independent.

Start by trying brisk walking with a friend.  Vary your route to keep it interesting.

If you have a health problem or any worries about starting a new activity, check with your GP first.

Obviously, there are lots of things you can do that are free like walking, gardening, jogging and cycling subject to have the right gear. But, there are also a lot of organised activities. We’ve teamed up with lots of local services to be able to give you a trial/first sessions for free.

The ‘first session free’ voucher is only available for service providers who have agreed to it, and can only be used for the first session.

As well as the information on this website, you can also call us on 0800 096 5436 or text ACTIVE to 60066. There will also be opportunities to speak to Greenwich Get Active Advisors out and about in the community