Do more. Feel better.

Get Active Top Tips

Follow these Top Tips to help you to be more physically active:

Be more active every day
Build physical activity into your daily routine.  Start with something small and keep doing it on a daily basis.  It will soon become second nature to build exercise into your routine, and you’re more likely to keep it up.

Gently does it
Start any new activity gradually and progress at your own pace.  As long as you are getting your heart rate up for 10 minutes or more each day, it will count towards your 150 minutes a week.  Just 20 or 30 minutes a day will keep you on target.

Try different things
cyclingFind out what’s on near you and choose activities you enjoy.  Try a new activity or go back to something you’ve done before, and vary what you do to maintain interest.  There are lots of easy ways to fit activity into the things you already do each day, like walking the dog or cycling to work.

Try it with other people
It can be fun to exercise with other people.  Try being active with friends or family, or join a group or club.

Keep a check on your progress
Check on your progress.  As you become fitter, regular activities should begin to take less time or take less out of you.

Find something you enjoy
The secret of success is doing something you really enjoy that you can fit into your life and keep doing regularly.

Don’t worry if you miss a day
Don’t get disheartened or feel you’ve lost all the benefits if you miss a day.

Challenge yourself
Setting yourself a small challenge or signing up to raise money for charity can be a good way of motivating yourself to be more active. When you meet the challenges it’s all the more rewarding.

Where can I be more active?


There are plenty of things you can do outside. It could be walking with a group or playing family games in the great parks and open spaces in Greenwich to being active when you’re travelling – walking and cycling to work or the shops, or even a bit of the way.

At Home
You would be surprised what you can do at home. From being more vigourous with cleaning and doing the gardening to dancing and playing the Wii with the children.

Leisure Centres
The local leisure centres and private gyms have lots to offer where you can try out classes or just use facilities to swim, dance, do pilates, play football and many more activities.

Clubs & Groups
There are also a wide range of activities offered by local sports clubs and groups where you can join in and meet others interested in your activity.