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Rabble - Git Fit, Have Fun and Socialise

Rabble sessions hide High Intensity Interval Training within the rules of old school team games, such as Dodge Ball and Capture the Flag. 

It gives players an all round, effective workout, whilst making sure that everyone has a gret time! The games will improve participants all round fitness really quickly. Sprinting for bases, hurdling dodgebals and catching vortexes for example, all lead to increased speed, agilkity, co-ordination, strength and endurance. Players can cover up to 8k in one session and burn up to 1000 calories. 

"I got fed up of hating exercise. I loved it as a child. Why not as an adult?" explains Rabble Founder and CEO, Charltotte Roach. "It's sad that people don't enjoy their exercise regime and it's notmal to consider exercise a chore. People don't exercise because they want to. I saw this as the reason for the nation's inactivity levels and I quit my job to change this. Rabble's games allow you to forget you're exercising. Playing socially in groups, different games every time - it's fun that shouldn't be restricted to only kids." 

Having expanded to locations across the UK and US, Rabble is now launching in Blackheath with Kerr Jeferies running games every Sunday morning from February 10th onwards.  

Kerr Jeferies says "We're really excited to be launching in Blackheath, we've got some fantastic games lined up, and I hope to see you along for a session soon!" 

New players can use the promo code "FREEPLAY" in Blackheath when booking to get one free session, and with games lasting an hour, at convenient times, come along to a game to see what it's all about.

find out more about rabble here