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Nordic Walking Case Study

Marllene has attended the Charlton Park Nordic Walk session since day 1 and is still attending today!


Nordic Walking is a full body exercise that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, the use of poles helps to take the weight off lower body joints and is good to propel you forward.


Marllene has always been quite active, enjoying country walks with her husband when she has time, but she said that as she got older she found that things got in the way preventing her being as active as she would like.


When she first attended the Charlton Park walk Marllene was plesently surprised at how much better it was than normal walking, “Instead of just walking its structured and it’s a far more energetic thing to do” she said “if I miss a week I really do miss not doing it”


She particularly likes that she is able to take part with a group of people that everyone gets along with.


“I walk a lot faster now, and I get a lot more out of it. All round its been a really good thing, before I just walked at the same pace, but now I feel that my fitness levels have really gone up.


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