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Greenwich Get Active News

Its National Walking Month!

This National Walking Month our aim is to celebrate all things walking and to make it accessible for everyone.  

Run by the Living Streets each year, their National Walking Month campaign encourages everyone to get fitter, feel the burn, feel connected and feel brighter throughout the month.

New to walking?

Not a problem, Living Streets have got you covered check out their website for tips to get you walking! To get started with walking, start slowly and build up your distances over time, try walking to the end of your road and back.  You can also check out our walking groups held throughout the Royal Borough as they are a good way to get started with walking!

Invite friends on your walks

Walking alone can get a bit lonely, invite friends and family along on your walks, take that time to catch up and get fitter together!

Hold a walking meeting

Tired of sitting all day in meetings? Suggest a walking meeting, studies have shown that fresh air is beneficial for productivity.

Help to Reduce Emissions

Reduce your car usage and emissions by walking all or part of short journeys. Plan your route on Active Travel is a great way of getting more active whilst also reducing your emissions, try getting off the bus one stop earlier, getting off the train a stop earlier, cycling shorter journeys etc. For a Personalised Travel Plan call Greenwich Get Active on 0800  0965 436.