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Walk with Mary

The aim of National Walking Month is to show that anyone can get active and have fun this month. This week we are showcasing one of our regular walkers. 

Mary is one of 451 people who attend a Greenwich Get Walking Walk regularly. 

She has been attending the Woolwich Health Walk for the last 2 years and can not rave enough about the benefits of the walk! 

"Its actually a wonderful exercise for people with mental health, because they're out in the open, they see this, they see that, whatever is their problem, they've forgotten that for now whilst they're here. It's also for the carer, the carer that comes with them because she's able to have communication with other people and it's safe, it's safe because you've got a leader at the beginning and a leader at the back. You're never left on your own. And if you want to have a rest, you know they're coming back this way." 

Check out the video we made with Mary!