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Greenwich Get Active News

Shopping to a healthy lifestyle

Since signing up to Greenwich Get Active, after seeing staff outside Sainsbury’s in Greenwich, Karen McManus has signed up to a gym and pursued a healthier lifestyle.

Karen described the day she met the GGA staff, “I was doing my shopping when I saw the mobile unit in the car park. I had heard about the programme before through some friends, so decided to go on the mobile unit to see what it was all about.”

We asked Karen what she enjoyed about the GGA programme, “It has been great being able to talk to the health advisers and also friends and family that signed up about getting fitter and eating a healthier diet. I have been going to the gym at the Arches Leisure Centre for about 8 months now and I’m really enjoying it!  I have a personal trainer that helps me to use the running machine and also the rowing machine.”

Part of the reason Karen has enjoyed her time with GGA, is being able to chat to an advisor about what activities and opportunities are available in the Royal Borough. She explained, “I really enjoyed having someone contact me and to be able to have a chat about the types of activities there are out there for me to try. The website was also quite useful as it gave me the information of sessions that I could attend.  I was also able to use a free voucher for one of my activities.”

Keeping active and following a balance diet, has a number of benefits, as Karen describes, “I have lost weight and gained a lot of information about nutrition and diet.  I have also gained an understanding in food portion control, which has aided my healthier lifestyle. 

She continued, “My main benefit was getting a lot fitter like my friends had done when they signed up to the programme.  This has also motivated my husband to get fit too. He has also recently joined the gym now as well!”