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Get Active and feel better

One person describes how signing up to Greenwich Get Active has helped her meet new people, improve her fitness and feel better.

Speaking about the GGA programme, Marion said, “I like that GGA has given me the opportunity to choose from many different activities. If we didn’t have the chance to engage with programmes like this then so many people would still be inactive. I’ve met some really nice people, made friends and the instructors are good too! We have a laugh and a chat at our session and the number of people increased from 12 people to 25!"

When asked what she thought needed improving about GGA, Marion commented, “There’s nothing not to like. There are many free activities to choose from and if they aren’t free then they are reasonably priced. Anything free and enjoyable is worth getting up in the morning for!”

It’s easy to sign up to GGA, as Marion describes, “I went to my chosen class and filled out a form. I’m still continuing the session twice a week. Also, by changing the variety of activities in sessions people can enjoy GGA even more. Every week new ladies sign up to my session that didn’t previously know about.”

Marion has also experienced a number of benefits since signing up to GGA, “I am a lot more agile and my outlook on life is better too! I’ve met many new people and made friends.

"I’m not a good swimmer but I even enjoy the pool exercises now. A lot of exercises I didn’t enjoy until GGA came about. I find myself missing the activities when I am at home now. My colleagues that live outside of Greenwich keep telling me how jealous they are!”